Looking for work in the Netherlands

Looking for work in the Netherlands

Do you want to work in the Netherlands? Then start looking for work before leaving for the Netherlands. See the list below for suggestions as to how to find a job in the Netherlands.

Vacancies published by UWV and EURES


In the Netherlands, UWV plays an important role on the labour market. UWV supports jobseekers online with their website werk.nl. You can find vacancies on werk.nl as follows:

  • Go to Find vacancies;

  • Enter a search term for the job you are looking for under ‘Trefwoord’.

  • Click ‘Zoeken’.

If you are already living in the Netherlands, you can also publish your CV on the website. You can read how to do so under UWV can help you if you want to work in the Netherlands.


You can also find vacancies in the Netherlands through EURES. On the EURES website, you can respond to vacancies with Dutch employers. The website is available in 25 European languages. Go to eures.europa.eu.

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Flexible working

The term flexible working, or ‘flexwerk’, is used in the Netherlands to mean work that is carried out under a flexible employment contract. In this type of employment contract, the employee and the employer make agreements about flexible work hours and work location, depending on the employer's need for employees.

Examples of flexible workers:

  • Temporary employees: a temporary or interim employee employed by a temporary employment agency, and is sent to companies by that agency to carry out work.

  • Seasonal workers: a seasonal worker is someone who carries out work that is only available in certain seasons, for example in agriculture or the catering industry.

  • Employees with a zero-hour contract: an employment contract between an employer and an employee based on which the employee can be called into work on a flexible basis as demand dictates. There is no guarantee of permanent or even a minimum number of hours' work. Flexible work is very common in the Netherlands.

More than a third of employees work on a flexible basis, a quarter of which work under a temporary contract or a temporary employment contract. Temporary employment agencies play a key role in matching supply and demand. The video ‘Working in the Netherlands’ shows how temporary employment is arranged in the country.

Read more detailed information on temporary employment in the Netherlands.

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The internet

Many employers look for new candidates on the internet. The internet is, therefore, very useful when you are looking for work in the Netherlands. You will find a list of useful websites below.



Specialist vacancy sites


seasonalwork.nl agriculture and horticulture

agrojobs.nl agricultural sector

intermediair.nl specialised in higher education jobs

export.nl import/export, transport and the offshore industry

medweb.nl medical personnel

academictransfer.com  academics

cadjobs.nl technical artists

archined.nl architects

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Vacancies in newspapers

You can find vacancies in regional and national Dutch newspapers:





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Network sites

Use your own network. Finding a job via personal contacts and social media is perfectly acceptable in the Netherlands. The social media site LinkedIn is often used for making contacts. As a commercial social network, it is very useful for presenting your CV and building up a network of contacts.

Ask your contacts if they want to work on this with you. They can then look for opportunities within their own networks.

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Open applications

It is perfectly acceptable to send open applications in the Netherlands, even to a company that has no current vacancies. If the employer is looking for personnel in the future, this will give you an advantage over other jobseekers.

Use your cover letter to clearly indicate:

  • why you want to work for this company;

  • your particular talents, skills and work experience;

  • how your talents, skills and work experience could be useful to the employer;

  • why you are the most suitable candidate for the position;

  • why you can offer more than other candidates. 

Any language experience or work experience gained in another EU country could be to your advantage.

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Job fairs

You can visit international job fairs. EURES advisers may be present with current vacancies from the Netherlands.

You can also apply for jobs via online job fairs, from the comfort of your home. These allow you to see employers’ online presentations and apply to specific jobs in the Netherlands. Go to the Events calender on the EURES website.

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